[H,A] [Hyjal] <The Nameless> AOTC Guild Recruiting for S2+S3 | W/Th 6pm-8pm PST

The Nameless is recruiting gamers for AOTC raiding in 10.1.5

We’re looking for players that are interested in pushing AOTC quickly, get the gear needed in a fun and fast paced environment. Led by players with multiple tiers of AOTC and Mythic raiding experience, we’re looking for fun and like minded individuals.

We’ve currently completed Heroic Abberus but are still running it for a few trinkets and weapons for some mains and alts. Once we have enough raiders we will be having fun Sunday alt raids as well as other fun activities.

Currently recruiting:
Healer: 1 Priest or Paladin (All are welcome to apply)
DPS: Open to all classes

Raid Times:
Wednesday/Thursday 6:00pm EST - 8:00pm EST
Discord: Toredal
Bnet: Cragglucket#1435

Bump. Looking for some solid dps still to round out the roster.