[H/A] <Elephant Herd> All Roles - Fri/Sat 9PM EST-12AM EST for S4/TWW

Elephant Heard

Recruiting for Mythic

We’re a community of friends seeking to build a Mythic team and have fun in the process. We’re in the midst of a remake due to seasonal burnouts/IRL issues, etc. We’re a diverse and inclusive bunch who can be a bit exuberant but are fun!

Current Progression:

9/9 H - 1/9 M

Raid Times:

Fri/Sat - 6PM-9PM PST (9 PM EST - 12 AM EST)

Recruiting for Season 3 and beyond!


Positive attitude
Knowledge of class/spec
Come prepared
Ability to take constructive criticism

If you have any questions or are interested in joining please contact:

GM/RL : RunningJoe - (BNet Runninjoettv#1327 / Discord - runningjoe)
RL : Demonz (Bnet : TheOther#11295 & Discord : demonzinc)
Me : (Bnet: Trixxt33r#1601 / Discord : dierdrewolf)
Our Raider. io is also open for applications and we’ll respond there as well :

Current Wants/Needs/Wishlist:

2 Healers and Flex Heals with OS DPS Spec w/exp is a bonus - (Any, but would love a HPal or MW Monk)
Mage (any spec)
Any DPS - Ranged preferred but will consider Melee

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