H/A - DPS LF 1-2 Day Raiding Guild

As the title says - I can play horde or alliance and I’m looking for a 1 day raiding guild or potentially two days. Sunday/Weds works best

About me: I’ve been playing MMO’s since Everquest in 1999. Switched to WoW in 2005 at release. I’ve played almost all dps, but for the last several expansions have played ranged. Hunter/Spriest/Lock/Mage. I have all classes at lvl 50. I’ve done cutting edge, but honestly prefer a more laid back aotc guild. I wouldn’t mind delving a little into mythic. I’ve been a guild leader, raid leader, class leader…but really just looking for good people to play with regularly these days.

Feel free to reply here or contact me on bnet #dps11288.


Lets chat.