[H][A] Casually Epic LFM

Casually Epic is a brand new community and guild located on Area 52 for Horde and Stormrage for Alliance! Our goal is to have a thriving community where everyone can feel welcomed in and do the things they love to do, whether it is M+, Achievement, Raiding, PvP, or all the above. We have been working on KSM for S4 and will continue to go for KSM every season.

What are we into?

:small_orange_diamond: Raid- Tuesday & Thursdays 8PM - 10PM EST
:small_orange_diamond: Keys, keys, oh and keys. I forgot KSM plus more keys.
:small_orange_diamond: Level random Alts
:small_orange_diamond: Achievements! < ^_^>

What are we looking for for the community?

:small_orange_diamond: New players trying to learn.
:small_orange_diamond: Returning players who want to play in Dragon Flight.
:small_orange_diamond: Veteran players who need a new home.
:small_orange_diamond: Social players who just want to hang out.

For Raids

When it comes to raiding, we realize four hours each week can be a lot. With that in mind, in a raid setting, expect a certain level of availability, skillfulness, responsibility, & preparedness.

:small_orange_diamond: Tanks Fulll!
:small_orange_diamond: MDPS Full!
:small_orange_diamond: Heals Full!
:small_orange_diamond: NEED RDPS <3

Come hang out with us!
:busts_in_silhouette:Casually Epic Discord

Want to apply for raiding?
:page_with_curl:Apply for Raiding

:phone: Contacts
Bnet: Heather#12667
Bnet: Riddles21#1920

Hi, it sounds great! I added both Battle Tags! Mine is massive#11120

I am leveling some Horde on A-52 and have Alliance on Stormrage already :slight_smile:

Look forward to chatting soon! Thanks

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Updated the raid time to cover Thursday and updated the raiding needs. As the time for S4 gets closer come hang out and see if we mush well.

Needing A LOT of DPS <3 Bunches

How open are you to 252 Frost DKs that are just coming back and haven’t retail raided in quite a few years but are trying to get back into it and start M+ dungeons for the first time ever?

It seems this season is pretty easy with raids, so we are truly using this season to find our solid raid team for 10.0 and beyond… With Keys, we run anything from 2-20s to help people learn and gear when we can. But of course, not full carries you have to help yourself and jump in the pug pool as well.

I sent you a Bnet request. I’ve been reading up on everything and am in my class discord to min max as much as I can. I’m not looking to push +20 keys jsut maybe get to +15 for max ilvl and vaults. But I don’t want a carry I’m trying to learn and pull my own weight. I’ve been raiding in classic but with all blizzards changes to make boosts and paid option more attractive I’m giving up and coming back to retail full time.

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What is your battle tag ?


I’d be interested in joining. I play enhancement shaman, ilvl 251 atm. Played classic Vanilla and TBC but am looking to start raiding and pushing keys on retail. Am always looking to improve and willing to put in the time to learn mechanics.
Btag is Ricepaddy#11798

Recruiting RDPS for raids. Or open to all for keys and messing around! Please read the rules <3
:busts_in_silhouette:Casually Epic Discord