[H]/[A] Barthilas <Lucid> 3/8M LF DPS

[Lucid] (6/8M) is an active raiding guild looking for members to join our mythic team.

On our off-raiding nights we run lots of Mythic + and are welcoming towards casual and M+ only members.

Currently we are looking for any DPS who:

  • Are competent at their class
  • Get along well with others
  • Reacts positively to feedback and has a mindset towards bettering themselves


  • Wednesday: 8 - 10PM GMT+10
  • Sunday: 8 - 10PM GMT+10

To apply, send me or one of our officers a message in-game or search for “Lucid” through the in-game guild finder.


Discord (losh#9321) - GM/Officer

bump <3 DPS please

Bump! The Guild is still looking for DPS to join our ranks as we head into 10.1

On the look out for DPS still. Would love a warlock

bump - looking for some DPS who are keen to jump in for 10.1 :smiley:

Still on the lookout for DPS :slight_smile:

cross faction time!

After 1-2 dps to fill out the roster.
Preferably a druid!


Recruiting a healer (preference on priest), any range DPS and a Havoc DH