[H/A] 487 Ret/Holy/Prot Paladin LFG


I’m a veteran player who started playing WOW in late Vanilla. I want to get back into mythic raiding again. I want to join a guild that push keys and doing mythic raiding contents. I’m currently 9/9H with 3300 IO rating. I’m working toward that 0.1% title this season :).

Preferred raid times:
Any days of the week except for Tuesday.

About my main character: 487 iLvl Ret/Holy/Prot Paladin with Fyrakk legendary. I’m comfortable with playing all 3 specs at a high level.

Other characters:
486 Mist/WW/BM monk
485 Havoc/Vengeance Demon Hunter
485 Resto druid

Contact Info: