[H][9/10M] <Blasting Off Again> LF Lock/Hunter/Mage

Blasting Off Again is recruiting! :slight_smile:

We’re currently 9/10M and are looking to fill a few slots.

We raid Friday/Saturday 630PM-930PM Pacific Server Time

Current Needs:

  • DK
  • Hunter
  • Mage
  • Lock
  • Any other Exceptional DPS

Our loot system is that of a loot council. Typically the loot will be given to whatever will benefit the raid the most whether it being the biggest upgrade, optimal stats for someone or some other factor. Loot becomes evenly distributed amongst everyone. If you’re in it for the loot and tend to get upset over it, this might not be the guild for you.

We expect everyone to have near perfect attendance. We require you post that you’ll be late (If you know you will be) or going to miss completely. Poor attendance WILL open recruitment to your particular role, this includes being late. If your tardiness/absence is a recurring thing do not expect loot or a spot in raid.

We’re obviously not a super serious guild, but we do expect you to show up on time, with your gear enchanted and gemmed optimally. You’ll be expected to bring your own flasks/food for heroic and potions. As a raider, you’ll be required to be pulling your weight. That means if you’re not doing optimal dps or if you’re dying to every mechanic that gets thrown at you, you’ll be sat and probably replaced. We cannot be held down by these fights that have a lot of personal responsibility.

If this looks like something you’d be a fit for add me at Rueful#1619 or apply at:

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Good group / guild for those interested. I got to say this is an old guild but has a solid foundation that keeps it moving forward and alive. This guild has been around for some time and they have the exp. to deal with just about anything that may come up. Much <3 to the old guilds that continue to push forward every xpac. Keep up the great work Rueful you are doing well. :slight_smile:

BoA <3 GoA

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