[H] [Zul'jin] <The Knights Who Say Nì> 5/8H, 8/8N - Looking for chill people!

[H] <The Knights Who Say Nì> on Zul’jin is a semi-casual, close knit mythic plus and raiding guild looking to add a few more to our roster to fill out our raids and mythic plus runs! Accepting all roles, but would love for ret pally, enh sham, dps evoker, WW monk, or a dedicated mage.

Best Contacts:
GM: GinsAdos#1727 (bnet) // Gins#1561(Discord)
Officer: Bang#1770
Message on Bnet if you’d like to chat!

We are only on our second week of heroic raid (we got a late start) and are already 5/8H, working together to learn the bosses and get them down. We are very easy-going and friendly, and hope to add more like-minded people. We are a small to medium size guild, and mostly grow through word of mouth so we have high quality people that won’t tear you apart for mistakes. So whether you’re just coming back, are part of an inactive guild, or just looking to make some new friends, this is a great guild to check out!

Raid nights are Tuesday, Sunday, forming at 6:30 PM EST until 9pm. We run keys every day and scatter fun events in throughout the month.

If you enjoy raiding, mythic+, or both, come give us a try!