[H - Zul'jin] <Still Sane> 3/12m Recruiting for Weds/Thurs 8-11pm EST

3/12m, Still looking for dps and healers

You know you want to join, what are you waiting for?

Got 3/12m Easily last night, looking for a few healers and dps still

^^ =) stronk healers!

Hello all, still recruiting

:eyes: still searching! :eyes:

Sunday funday in the Still Sane asylum

Still looking for a few dps!

Let’s go~~~~~!

Just looking for the last few dps, mages, dks and locks would be nice.

New raid week is here, still recruiting by the way

Looking for healers/dps still

Still recruiting!

Still looking for a few more players!

Looking for a tank, a healer or 2 and some dps.

Still looking for friends

Looking for a warrior at all? 473 8/12M Hit me up! Aceofblades#11930

Mostly Looking for healers, some dps too

Anybody got some of those healers?

Just looking for a healer.