[H] [Zul'jin] <Gruuls Gone Wild> 11/12M Raiding Guide Recruiting for CE roster for SL

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Please fill out: forms.gle/Tr5x6Vyh6aHrwKnt5 so we can contact you!

Feel free to join our Discord: discord.gg/BeuEb6egjY

We are a 11/12 Mythic Ny’alotha progression guild. Currently, we are looking to fill our guild roster. We are looking for dedicated raiders who are performing well and understand their class. While performance is important, synergy is also one of the main attributes we are looking for.

Goals: Hall of Fame for Castle Nathria Raid - Cutting Edge each Shadowlands tier / Multiple mythic plus groups pushing 15 and above keys

Planning Ahead:

We intend to achieve Cutting Edge for each raid tier, aiming to achieve Hall of Fame for Castle Nathria and grow our community of players.

We would like to form a mythic plus community, along with groups to run rated pvp battleground and arenas.

Progression Raid Times:

Wednesday / Thursday / Monday | 8:00 - 11:00 PM EST

The group will begin forming 30 minutes before raid time, and an attendance photo will be taken each week 15 minutes before raid time. Attendance throughout each tier will be tracked and raiders will receive gold bonuses based based on their percentage attended.

The days and times are subject to change for each tier depending on the schedule of the team for that time of year.

Recruitment and Trial Raiders:

Gruul’s Gone Wild is focused on progression through the Mythic raid tier. This means that the 20 best and most reliable players / classes for each boss throughout the raid. We are looking for players who are reliable and willing to contribute to the raid each week.

We do not have damage (DPS) or healing (HPS) cut offs; however, high performance reliability is valued while still performing mechanics properly.

If you can play multiple classes / roles, it will be highly valuable to us. While not required, we do expect that mythic progression raiders should have at least one alt geared to enter the raid team if needed

Guild Information:

We are a relatively new Horde guild, switching in late June from Alliance for more quality raiding individuals to push to achieve Cutting Edge every tier throughout Shadowlands. While raiding is the main focus, we have a mythic plus team for pushing high level keys and looking to form more!

Ny’alotha Progression:

After forming the new Horde guild, we pushed to achieve 11/12 M in the first week of September. Our progression was fast with minimal setbacks, killing a boss every week until Carapace progression. Below is a list of the number of pulls for each boss for first kill during our progression, once our core team was formed.

Wrathion, the Black Emperor - 1

The Prophet Skitra - 1

Maut - 1

Shad’har the Insatiable - 6

The Hivemind - 8

Dark Inquisitor Xanesh - 13

Vexiona - 41

Ra-den the Despoiled - 18

Drest’agath - 29

Il’gynoth, Corruption Reborn - 19

Carapace of N’Zoth - 116

Again, please fill out: forms.gle/Tr5x6Vyh6aHrwKnt5 so we can contact you!

Discord link: discord.gg/BeuEb6egjY

Officer Contacts (Bnet Tags):

Flamelock (Officer) | CorporalDrew#1704

Pyrodps (Officer) | TheOnlyPyro#11414

Rakius (Guild Master) | Rakius#1533

Trap (Officer) | Twixed#1728