(H) <Zero Absolution> - Looking for a social, & casual guild? Check us out!

(H) <Zero Absolution>

We are a group of World of Warcraft players who have been around for quite some time, seeking other plays who are searching for a laid-back, social environment which they can enjoy the game at their own pace.

Are players are achievement hunters, mount collectors, do PvP, LFR, and Mythics. We welcome all playing styles, and hope to grow our crew as Shadowlands continues to play out.

The members are helpful, and we hope to offer all that may be needed for you to enjoy your time online.

If we seem like a fun group of people you may want to join - please feel free to message myself, Headacher-Ysera, or Gamender-Ysera to seek further information.

We hope to be welcoming some of you to our crew soon!