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Wristless sounds like he needs to get some wrists.

I do, they are just huge.

Last night we had a surprise birthday party, followed by a guild PVP event. Thanks everyone for coming, it was a blast!


Thanks for hosting! <3


I really like boats and harbors. They make me feel a special kind of way, ya know?

I love these guys.

Who doesn’t love boats?

If you are looking for a guild where ninja looting and colluding with the alliance for Azregos kills is commonplace, this is definitely the one. Join today and have instant hatred from the rest of the horde guilds, likely never getting in a non-guild group ever again.


The only collusion going on is with The Walmart Coalition.

You reset the boss on us once and tried to do it a second time.

How shameful.

PS - wotop has had a grand total of ONE claim of ninja looting against one of its members. The claim was made against a social recruit member who had been in the guild for about one week. The claim that an item was ‘ninja’d’ was determined to be a misunderstanding when the person who had missed out on the loot did not roll for it. This was confirmed via screenshots. However, wotop reached-out the individual in question and offered to give him wotop-sponsored speed runs through the same instance for however long as necessary so that he could get the item because we’re kind-of cool like that. The individual thanked us for the offer but declined. We told him that the offer is on-going and if he ever changes his mind to let us know and we will get it done.

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Walmart is disgusting

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Praise Kevin

Let Kevin’s light guide us all.

Top 3 horde guild on Grob hands down.

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Home to the Menethil Ripper.

Also we know our entire multiplication tables.

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Not in the guild but …

Everyone I grouped with from wotop seemed very nice and supportive , seems like a good atmosphere!!

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Thanks for the support, Thoughts!

We’ve got Hanna, what else to ask for

Look at Yo flexin the achieve points

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