[H] <wotop> | Hardcore | PvE & PvP | Recruitment


7-10 Thursdays | 7-11 Fridays
65+ Raiders
Loot Council


Our GM/MT/RL has experience MTing/RLing retail raids as competitively as World #7. Class Leadership/Officer experience ranges from ex-Gladiators and vanilla Naxxramas raiders through HWL-grinding pserver veterans.

About Us


We aim to be the dominant guild on the server, both in PvE and PvP.


We have a heavy focus on maturity and anti-toxicity. If you have a bad attitude, don’t waste our time by applying. Teaching someone is easier than tolerating someone.

We hang out on Discord daily and love having fun and busting balls. Don’t be thin-skinned. Ages 25+ preferred. No twitch-meme Zoomer culture.

We’re laid back outside of raids, but raid expectations are high. You will not be yelled at in raids. You will not have to attend 20+ hours of raid weeks. We are hardcore in terms of preparation and respect for others’ time, with a casual schedule and friendly atmosphere.


You must use Discord regularly. You need to either use push-to-talk or have proper open-mic etiquette; no “click click click cough HEY MOM hot pocket”-types. Do not be the kind of person who constantly talks over others, interrupts people when they’re speaking, or prevents others from speaking.

You must be active in-game and want to regularly play with guildmates. Raid-loggers unwelcome.

PvE Applicants

Our Goal: Find awesome people who fit the guild’s culture and want to hang out with like-minded, mostly upper-20’s to lower-40’s adults. There is no cap on the size of our roster, due to our unique scalable split-run model. Server domination is the plan.


Within our raids, we have two different types of raiding members, wotlets and woticorns. The differences between the two ranks come down to consumable/preparation expectations and loot priority.


The wotlet position is achievable by anybody who expresses serious interest in raiding, and may be obtained by simply speaking with a class leader for information about the guild and informing them of intention. The following describes the primary requirements and expectations for a wotlet member:

Level: 55
Gear: No requirement
Attunements: May be incomplete
Consumables: Bare minimum (~5g/week or less)
World Buffs: Always optional
Enchants: Expected, but cheaper alternatives allowed
Attendance: 50%+
Notice: 1-day notice for missing raid required
Loot: [Link]-based Loot Council after woticorns


The woticorn position is an advanced raiding position which requires the player to first begin a trial period as a wotlet and demonstrate a willingness to meet a higher set of criteria for raiding. This set of criteria is listed as follows:

Level: 60
Gear: 90%+ Pre-BiS with some raid pieces
Attunements: Complete
Consumables: Fully consumed according to farm/prog/etc
World Buffs: Mandatory for current-content
Enchants: Best possible
Attendance: 90%+
Notice: 7-day notice for missing raid required
Loot: Gear spreadsheets must be created/maintained to ensure optimal loot distribution through Loot Council

ALL Raider Expectations

Activity: No raid-logging. Active both in-game and on Discord.
Hearthstone: Set to Kargath.
Punctuality: Show up 15-minutes before raid start.
Effort: You must be able to accept constructive criticism, learn to analyze logs, and create WeakAuras to facilitate improvement. Officers are happy to assist with this.


If you wish to be a raider, contact your appropriate Class Leader on Discord:

Druid: Virtues#1337
Hunter: Zeba#8529
Mage: Mar#3300
Priest: Xoxo#9264
Rogue: Virtues#1337
Shaman: Virtues#1337
Warlock: Zoet#7504
Warrior: crushinator#2854

PvP Applicants

Our Goal: Create an expansive PvP roster to feed with PvP-BiS gear from raids to leverage for ranking, premade BGs, WPVP, and RaidPvP events (world bosses, Scepter of the Shifting Sands, etc.).


Have a good attitude with guildies and a thirst to PvP. You’re free to be a troll in duels and cross-faction. No gear/experience required.


Attendance (PvE): No obligation to attend raids.
Attendance (PvP): Attend 75%+ of planned PvP guild events.
Activity: Active both in-game and on Discord. PvP with guildmates where applicable.


Raiding is optional, but you may attend for loot. Should the raid be full with other PvPers, you will be given priority based on your PvP rank. PvP’ers are allowed to attend and leave on a fight-to-fight basis; you are not obligated to stay for the entire night.

When you attend raids, you will be allowed to freeroll on PvP gear (“gear that is not substantially useful in PvE but is useful in PvP”) that you want against others of your equal rank. This means that if you are a Rank 12 player and all others in the raid are rank 11 or lower, you will be given the item without contest.

Your rolls are considered equal against full-time raiders and officers of the same rank. Nobody is given priority above you for rolls on PvP items, and a spreadsheet will be provided indicating which items are flagged as PvP Items so that is no misunderstanding.

Finally, all PvE items become PvP Rolls once relevant raiders obtain them.


If you wish to be a PvPer, contact our PvP Leader on Discord.

PvP Leader: Values#0001

Standard Membership

At the end of the day, we’re a bunch of laid-back stoners and tryhard virgins who just want to build a community of peeps that are worth knowing for 10-20+ years, playing future games with and reminiscing about old times. If you’re a mature, friendly, and active player who just wants a tight-knit community to call home, reach out to anybody in-game and get an invite to be a social.

Social members are allowed to attend raids at their leisure and are allowed to freeroll on any loot that is not needed by any raider or PvPer. Attendance is completely optional.


Wotop! Try hard virgin/stoner/ex glad here. Just wanted to put my 2 cents in. You won’t find a more thought out, dedicated, helpful and fun guild out there (not biased at all). But really hit us up if you’re interested; you won’t be disappointed.

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wotop seems to be emerging as the top horde side guild on grobbulus. Cannot recommend highly enough.

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You will love this guild. Great discord atmosphere that makes you want to hang out in a voice channel with other people. Need something done? Just let it be known and the masses come to help. Help someone out? You can be sure they will repay it back or pay it forward even if your not looking for it. Raids are well organized and fun; Yo and Hornet are great raid leaders and whether you plan to come on for raiding, pvp, or to just hang out you can expect a excellent time in raids. O and if your big on wpvp come hit rank 14 with the lot of us going for it.

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Praise Kevin.

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What does wotop stand for?


We stand for JUSTICE!


I’m still waiting on the ordered pizza, but the guild is cool enough in the meantime.

Wotop is a bunch of cool peeps. I joined ~2 weeks ago and it’s been a blast. They’re very friendly to new faces. Yo and the officers really know what they’re doing. PvP groups are also active if that’s more your style.

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Sounds like a fun guild.

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Looking for more peeps interested in poopsocking with me in menethil. Hit me up.

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Love the guild atmosphere! There’s always something going on, be it pvp or instances.

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Careful, wotop will try to 23 man azuregos and tell no one, only to give it to the alliance for free.


Appreciate the bump, bud!

You heard it here, everyone: we actually try to kill world bosses together as a guild with only 23 people! You could be one of the 17 additions that makes the kills happen consistently.

If you’re someone who enjoys competition and wants to be in a guild where you, personally can make the difference, we’d love to hear from you!


Seeing as how wotop one-shots Ony and all of MC with 23 people, I can’t imagine that Azuregos would give them much trouble, even with just 23 people.

By the way, Wristless, what were you doing to help your fellow Hordies keep their tag on Azuregos? Anything?


I only found out after they gave the tag to alliance.

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You mean as the rest of the horde sat on the side and gave the tag up. Wotop bad

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wotop makes me a happy hunter

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You pulled with 23 people because you didn’t want help, to get all the loot for your own, and when you fail to keep the tag, you expect help?


this guild does something but ride menethil boats?