[H] <Wildheart> LF Raid and RBG Groups for Shadowlands!

Guys! Guess what! {Wildheart} is doing things! “What kinds of things,” you ask?


Mythic+ things! Heroic raiding things! We’re especially fond of our getting drunk and punting gnomes in PvP things!

We’re a group of long term friends and WoW players. Most of us have been playing on and off again since The Burning Crusade. We’re a bunch of fun folks who dabble in all sorts of stuff and can’t wait to explore the Shadowlands with awesomely like-minded people.

Currently we are 9/12 Heroic Nya’lotha and are looking for active players to fill a dedicated raid AND rated battleground roster, specifically ranged DPS. Flexible folks who like being team players and have multiple specs are always appreciated, but never required. Raid times are Monday and Tuesday 8pm-11pm PST. RBG times are TBA depending on who all we get for it and how everyone’s schedules work out. All roles are currently being sought after for both activities! Like to raid but don’t care for PvP? No problem! You don’t have to do both, or either, if you’re just looking for a chill spot to call home.

We are not wanna-be elitists who expect to push mythic raiding in week one or get 2400 every season of rated. Our main focus is good synergy as a team and having a great time with each other. If we do happen to plow through heroic super fast and we wanna dip our toes in mythic, we might give it a shot, but it is not, and never will be, our end all be all goal.

When we’re not engaging in boss slapping and gnome punting, we are usually hanging out in Halaa dueling each other, or picking fights in WPVP. We love to push mythic+ keys and hang out in Discord while we do it. We also do transmog and achievement runs for funsies, and help lowbie friends out with quests.

{Wildheart} is a guild that is full of different folks from all walks of life. Different drinks. Different kinks. Different safewords (mine’s banana) . Different everything. What we have in common is the desire to crack skulls and crank tunes with friends. We respect each other and stick up for one another and this is a very safe space with very awesome people. As long as you can deal with all that, you’ll fit in just right with us!

If this sounds like it’s right for you then reach out to Xakaeri#1720, Tyger#1632, or Jobags#1177.

Recruiting everyone (but mostly Ranged DPS!)
Rated PvP
Gnome punting
Drunken shenanigans
Chill A.F.


Just wanted to stop by and give these guys a friendly bump; met them by chance and they’re a lovely group to play with. Been showing up to a few of their raids and they’re not a boring crew by any means.

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Also we have like a bunch of Corgis here

I might be interested! Im a returning player that hasnt played in over 6 years. Starting fresh, currently working on a hunter, will probably switch to Warrior or DK because I want to learn how to tank and I want a class with a tank offspec. Though I do have anxiety when it comes to VC but I am working on it

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Just a friendly little bumpity bump to remind our friendly Hyjal server that we’re looking for new faces and folks for Shadowlands! We’re a bunch of fun, promise! Hit us up if you need a new home!

Yes, we’re still here, and yes we want you to join us. What do you have against fun anyway?

I mean we are all pretty badass!