[h] wild growth <do it live> 7/7 bfd 6/6 Gnomeregan morning guild

DO IT LIVE is a semi-hardcore morning raiding guild comprised of a tight knit group who have raided together since the beginning of classic’s launch. We are a mature, laid back guild of WFH, late shift workers, and stay at home parents who enjoy playing during the day! We plan to clear everything season of discovery(classic+) will have to offer. Lets see where this takes us.

come join the discord and discuss the future of wow in sod! morning raids coming. wed/Thursday 1030am EST

Bump for mage heals

bump for rogue tanks lol

Ok guys. Couple days before launch hype. Have a decent amount whom have joined discord. Lets go! Looking to have at least 2 groups of 10 for 2 bfds. Etc.

Launch day bayyyybeeee. Forming at 4pm est on the pve realm horde.

thanks alliance for stealing my toon and my guild name today. thanks Lol

hi, what realm are you guys on?

wild growth

5/7 down, clearing the place tomorrow at reset. Looking for more healers and any one else who would like to raid mornings. Starting 2 groups soon.

Still working on hitting 25, but are you interested in taking a warrior tank and a resto druid? Max blacksmithing and alchemy as well.

could really use that

Bump lf a few more

Was looking for a morning guild. Are you in need of any classes? I will be starting from level 1, but should be able to level pretty quick!

Im looking for early raids, any spot for DPS?

Could use a few dps and a tank in preparing for the upcoming patch. Still clearing the current raid at least twice a week. Come play morning stuff with us

is there any class that you are looking for in general, will have to reroll and open to anything

make a warrior tank lol

sounds good, name is rhokno

I work from home and play a lot during the morning/day…what time are your raids and what do you still need? I play prot warrior, fire mage and mm hunter.