[H] Whitemane TRANSFERS OPEN - <Donkeys> US #16th Whitemane #1 38Min AQ40 is recruiting!

Donkeys is a semi-hardcore guild with leadership that has stemmed across multiple games with top US kills in the past. With a much more relaxed raid schedule, we have efficient raiding as our #1 priority. That being said, we have several raiders pushing for top PVP ranks and have active members that enjoy the game at its core whom you’ll frequently find pugging or raiding with other guilds on their alts. We aim to clear content in a swift manner and hold our raiders to high standards.

Also note, we are one of the first and currently only guilds on Whitemane doing splits for AQ40

BWL Best : 0:25min Ended phase 4 Horde 3rd
AQ40 Best 0:38min Currently US #16 Server #1

As of now, we are recruiting any and all exceptional players who feel they would be a strong asset to our raid team with immediate spots for healers, warriors, mages, and hunters. We hope that no one is deterred from applying as all of our spots are competitive and anyone is capable of earning a core spot. Nobody is held higher than their fellow raider, anyone is replaceable.

Also note
If you are considered an excellent raider, you will be offered a paid transfer.

Our raid times are Sat-Sun 4-8 PM PST
We currently run splits, meaning 2 raid groups on the respective days. You are only required to be able to make 1 of the 2 days, 2 character raiding is optional.

Loot is handled via loot council for high priority pieces with the mindset of what would benefit the raid the most. That’s not to say performance and attitude aren’t also taken into account, just come with the mindset that we are a collective entity, not 40 individual players. Everyone will get their loot!

What is expected of an Ideal Donkeys Raider

  • EVERYONE is expected to come to raid with full consumables and world buffs. While we understand raids in Vanilla are simple and puggable, we are looking to embrace the competitive aspect via speed clear and improve our rankings. This is also a great way of measuring the dedication and performance of a raider.

  • All raiders are subject to log analysis, nobody is capable of playing perfect but we do our best to min max and help our players perform at an adequate level. We ask that all trials have a healthy mindset and be open to any criticism.

If you have any interest or would like to inquire further, feel free to reach out!
Bnet : optimusprime#12104, bigsucc#1657
Discord : wot m8#5674, Rich#2039, Vibez#1936

Lastly, thank you to anyone who had an interest in Donkeys :blush:


Very fun very cool come raid

1/2/2020 still searching for those last few raiders :partying_face: happy belated new year!

Hello friends!

Smorc Smorc.

still recruiting

Im gonna get rank 12 before rancho

Come join a decent guild

Still recruiting

Standing 13 in pvp :heart_eyes: JOIN US

where the priests at

1/10 we’re still kicking! We have a surplus of new recruits and are excited for more to come! Welcome to all the new faces :partying_face:

Still looking

The internet is forever

If any members of Donkeys would like out, please feel free to message me.


still recruiting.

We are still looking for exceptional players to finish roster before BWL!

Warlocks where you at?

Still recruiting

Looking for core members going into BWL