[H] - Whitemane <Malpractice> 3/6 SWP Tues & Wed - LF Resto Druid/BM Hunter

Friendly and capable raiders focused on efficient clears. Core group has been together since classic. Looking for select players to join our close-knit, semi-hardcore team.

Raid Times

  • Tuesday 6pm-9pm PST
  • Wednesday 6pm-9pm PST
  • Sunday 6pm-9pm PST (BT/Alt Run/Cleanup)


Hybrid Wishlist/Loot Council system run through Thatsmybis and RC LootCouncil


  • Resto Druid (priority)
  • BM Hunter (priority)

Expectations for Applicants

  • T5/T6 experience
  • Understanding of class
  • High performers

Expectations for Members

  • 3 Raid Days when Phase launches
  • Respect for the team

Who to Contact on Discord: Djuuka#1750 / Darkfriend#7324

Prot pally here. Sent you a request on disc!

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