[H] Weekly Pug - Cross Server LFM 8/8 H

(Sêryn) #1
<Demonic> Horde - Lightninghoof - We are looking for a few more folks interested in x-server pugging and killing things. We clear Normal / Heroic weekly with humor and good attitudes. Looking to add another raid or two to the weekly clears.

Only one Major Rule: No Toxicity. We do not tolerate any type/form of toxicity. If someone is lacking in DPS or Heals, we try to help them in any way possible. If need be, sit them for the encounter to kill it, but everyone is encouraged to try. All fights will be explained prior to the attempt, and strats will be discussed as to how we will conduct the fights.

The raids typically fill up off of the server, if they do not, we fill up to 29 folks. If people are sitting on standby, typically someone is streaming from the raid to where you can watch/interact.

Streamers: We have a streaming channel that you are welcome to advertise in, and we can add you to the auto-announce MEE6 bot. Just message me and I'll add you to it.

Guilds: feel free to advertise in the guild recruitment channel if you'd like. No harm, no foul, the Discord is there for everyone.


1. Discord (Don't need a mic)
2. 340 iLvl for Normal / 360 ilvl for Heroic

Monday : Heroic Uldir 360ilvl 630pm PST
Tuesday : Heroic Uldir 360ilvl req 830pm PST
Wednesday : Continuance if needed for Tuesday, 830PM PST
Thursday : Normal Uldir 340ilvl req 830pm PST
Friday : Normal Uldir 340ilvl req 930pm PST
Saturday : Heroic Uldir 360ilvl req 700pm PST
Sunday : Uldir Achievements if interest is there, 830pm PST

Community: https://www.worldofwarcraft.com/invite/jPRjN9OubRA?region=US&faction=Horde

Discord Link : https://discord.gg/vDpjuPZ

Ballinology#1473 on Bnet
Seryn#8710 on Discord

(Sêryn) #2
Heroic is tomorrow night!

(Sêryn) #3
Adding more and more raids!