[H] Weekly CN Learning Raid - Saturdays, 5-8pm PST

Are you new? Returning? Do you want to raid, but are hesitant to join pugs out of fear that you’ll find yourself in a toxic, unhelpful group? Well we at Metric hold normal Castle Nathria learning raids (that doubles as the guild’s alt raid) meant to avoid exactly that! Runs on Saturdays, 5-8pm PST (8-11pm EST). No prior experience with CN necessary.


  • 185ilvl
  • DBM or BigWigs
  • Discord
  • Good listening skills
  • A good, willing-to-improve attitude!

Please add me on Bnet (SyWizard#1594) if you wish to attend. We’ll try to take as many people as we can, but have a soft cap of around 20 players. Only need healers and dps.

This raid is a safe space for people to get their feet wet and dive into raiding without the fear of being flamed. As this is a learning raid, wipes can be expected. People will make mistakes. Any attitude, ego, and toxicity needs to be left at the door.

And while I have you, if you’re interested in reading about the guild, a semi-casual AOTC-focused group, you can find the link below to our recruitment ad.


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