[H] <Voodoo Posse> - Recruiting *New Day/Times*

Hi There! Thanks for stopping by to read our recruitment post.

Raid Nights: Monday @ 6:45pm Sever for Onyxia
Tuesday / Thursday 6:45-9pm Server (9:45 -12am est)

We are currently in need of Ranged, Melee and Healers

A little about us:
We are a merged guild. Made up of Voodoo Posse members and former members of a larger guild on the server, Urban Legends. We are all like minded, in the pursuit of drama-less content progression. We are casual individuals who enjoy raiding, running dungeons and hanging out in discord. Most if not all of us are former vanilla players, so this is not our first time. We are all older folks, with jobs, families, and outside world responsibilities at this point in our lives and don’t have time for the grind like we use to. :slight_smile:

Our Loot System:
Currently in a round robin style system considering other options in the future. But, at the moment this is working for us considering loot isn’t our first priority.

Please feel free to contact Allynuno, Dagoboz, Ithuhatu, Aury, Shala, Arydonna, Thailerwar or any member currently online and ask for someone to talk to about recruitment!

Thanks for your time.