[H] VDH Tank LF High End Guild for key pushers (Could also be a backup/spare tank for H/M raids)

Any high end guilds around with a consistent and skilled player base I could join with to try and get away from the cancer that is pugging high keys?

I primarily just want to run keys but I could also be handy to fill in for heroic/mythic raids if your OT / MT can’t show up on the occasional raid night.

I’m happy to be a stand in/backup raider but I’m not at all keen to get back into the rigorous weekly preparing and scheduling that is involved with high end raids (I lived that life from vanilla to wotlk and it was fun for awhile but the charm of it is long lost on me)

Happy to chat anytime or even run keys without joining a guild.
Blizzard chat: Wru#6938
Discord: 420_big_wokes