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Undaunted is a returning guild on Zuluhed looking to build a tight knit team for Mythics and Raiding in Shadowlands, in preparation for Dragonflight. In Dragonflight we will have the goal of progressing through Mythic raiding and learning new systems and fights together, for the benefit of everyone in the guild.

WHO WE ARE: We are folks who have been playing the game since Vanilla wow, when guilds were more about community than anything else. We are looking to re-create this by building an epic team of awesome, supportive friends, that feels like home - where we actually play the game more than mythics and raiding together… where we always have teammates to help each other with world events…where we can daily together in order to get that cool covenant mount, or even go grind dungeons/old content for mounts and transmogs…where we can chase after achievements while bantering and having an awesome time in discord. Sound like a good time? We’re waiting for you.

WHAT WE’RE LOOKING FOR: We are looking for any like-minded players who are not only looking for a good group of friends but are also wanting to absolutely crush the game together and progress through endgame content regardless of experience. We will be focusing on clearing the Fated raids as a guild and getting the team working together as our overall focus right now is getting everyone on the same page and ready for DF. PVPers are encouraged to apply as well as that’s something we enjoy between raiding.

ROLES NEEDED: All are needed and welcome right now.

RAID TIMES : We will plan to raid Thursday and Saturday/Sunday nights starting at 9PM EST

CONTACT US: If this sounds like a good fit for you, we’d be happy to talk to you. - Add Btag Kronnos#1624 -Zuluhed and send a whisper or find me on Discord: bukkit#9027

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Come party with us! :partying_face:

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the fun never stops over here, come join a growing, awesome group of people!

Don’t hesitate, add me in game and shoot a message over!!