[H] [US-Thrall] Help us rebuild <Icrontic>, a non-toxic guild of friends

Hello everyone! <Icrontic> is recruiting raiders! Our progression group needs DPS or healers with a DPS offspec. Willing to help gear new recruits.

We raid twice a week (Thursdays and Sundays at 8pm EST), and are also super friendly and helpful to new players, whether you’re a retired mythic raider itching to come back, or a new player who’s never touched an MMO.

We all know this game is a hundred times MORE fun to play with a solid guild, and that’s us!

We’re a mid-core progression guild who always completes Heroic AOTC. Some of us also run M+ regularly.

Icrontic is LGBTQ-friendly, non-toxic, and (trust me) we’re funny as hell. Raid night is ALWAYS a ton of laughs.

You can whisper primesuspect#1722 for more info or an invite.

Current progression is 3/9H.