[H][US][Thrall] 444 Rdruid and 437 Hpally LFG

Two accounts looking to stay together. Currently 3/8M, not interested in lower progression. Raid times fairly open but cannot run anything past 1:30am server. We are “mature” and been raiding for a long time. We do not mind wiping to progression. We do not want to server xfer

444 ilvl RDruid (Can boomer OK and has 437ilvl boomer set) - RIO Score 1100+

437 ilvl Hpally RIO Score 800ish

Lvl 70 necks, R3 Essences.

Druid Can Reroll for 8.3 if needed:

Dpriest (currently 420ilvl)

Rsham (currently 419ilvl)

Pally not really interested in reroll but may consider rerolling mistweaver or lock.

Logs available. Rdruid Purple/Orange Parse on Heroic regularly, Pally Blue/Purple. On mythic we run lots of healers so parses are low. We usually still purple/orange on damage on Mythic raiding though.




Bump! We’re available to trial tonight (Saturday)!

ALSO: After exploring our options on our current realm, we may be interested in realm transferring. But won’t go anywhere thats not high pop/super high pop. So illidan Area52 etc would all be considered.

Reminder: we won’t faction change! Sorry!