[H] US Spirestone <Windfall> is recruiting


[H] 8/8H 1/8M is recruiting R DPS and Healers for heroic core. Looking to bolster our ranks for 8.1

Range DPS: Taking all non lock/ mage rdps.
Healer: Taking all non priest Healers.

Raid times: 7-10 EST W/Th

Right now we have Heroic and mythic Taloc on farm. We clear everything on Wednesday night but we’re taking Thursdays off till 8.1 drops in late January. You can even trial from your realm and see if we’re a good fit.

Please leave toon name with realm, and any logs you have available.

(Anasterian) #2

Hi! I’m a previous hardcore Raider back in BC/WOTLK but quit due to my job schedule and RL. I made a return to the game just about a couple months ago and I’m looking for a mature guild to get back into raiding again.

365 Holy Paladin
Server: Spirestone
Character: Anasterian

Looking forward to hearing from you!