[H] [US] [Gorefiend] <Nostalgia> 10/10 N & 1/10 H - Recruiting all 60s!

About Us
Nostalgia is a social adult raiding and mythic dungeon guild on Gorefiend looking for all level 60s hoping to push H Nath progress and 10+ keys. We are 10/10N CN, 3/10H CN led by an experienced core group of long-time friends, including an AOTC raid lead. We hope to attract players wanting a structured and capable guild that doesn’t pressure attendance or parse requirements.

Connected Servers
Eredar / Spinebreaker / Wildhammer / Hellscream / Zangarmarsh

Raid Times
Our raid times are 7:30-10:00 PM EST Tuesday/Wednesday with players most active during evenings and every weekend.

Level 60, 18+, 10/10N is appreciated

All, healers in particular

Bnet: Eski#11733
Discord: eski#0001
In-game: Eskimio-Gorefiend