[H] <Unstable Unicorns> GMT+8 | 8/8 BWL 10/10 Molten Core 1/1 Onyxia | Blackwing Lair Recruitment

< Unstable Unicorns > is a mature raiding Classic WoW GMT +8 Horde guild on Yojamba. We are looking for mature, skilled and motivated individuals who are passionate about raiding. As most of us are working adults with families of our own, we aim to put in maximum effort during raids to ensure that our limited time in WoW is well spent.

Currently, we are working on our preparations for AQ40! In addition, we are clearing BWL in less than an hour allowing us more time to do other fun stuff! (ZG speed run competitions :smiley: ) Our expectations are that you come prepared with the requisite consumables as well as a good knowledge of the boss fights which can be easily found through various community websites. If that sounds good to you, contact us in game or through battlenet!

Team 1 Raid timing - Server time 9.30pm - 12am (a.k.a Singapore time 7.30pm - 11.30pm) — Raids on Wednesday & Thursday.

After an extensive discussion, most items including set items will be on a /roll basis. In addition, our loot council will be determining the allocation of legendary items (Bindings, Hand of Rag), critical raid improvement items such as TOEP, Azuresong Mageblade etc to the most deserving member based on commitment and performance. The full list of gated items is made transparent on our guild information document on Discord.

We are currently looking for more of these classes listed below, however, if your class is not listed below, feel free to check in with us!

  1. Restoration Shaman X 1
  2. Exceptional Warlock X 1 ( Good knowledge of AQ40 & properly enchanted gear)

If you have any questions, please contact one of the following officers (Catharsys291#2510 & PKNG#1877. Alternatively, PM us for a discord link if you’d like a chat!

I very much Approve of this post.

Bumping this thread, looking for more amazing individuals to join us!

hi i want to know what the quality of the unicrons is pls - u said they r unstable?

I guess it is convenient to label all the unstable unicorns. I had no idea you Yojamba hordies had so many Moonguard types though.

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can u make like a tree and branch pls

Might have to charge you a wee contract fee for that one!

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bump! Still looking for more active players!

Unstable Unicorns are looking to start raiding next week on Wednesday and Thursday evenings with invites starting at 7.30pm Singapore Time and 10.30pm Server time!

BUMPPP! Come join us! :two_hearts:

Bump! Looking for more & post is edited!

Unicorn bump!

Looking for druids the most. Druid gear, is up for grabs! Easy gearing for you guys.

Still looking for more restoration druids!

Team 2 has just started their first week and has already cleared 9/10 MC! We are still actively recruiting healers and dps for Team 2. Australian timezone friendly!

Bumping to say I joined not that long ago and it feels like home. Come join us and don’t look back.

eh these dudes are legit nice people

Second raid finally 10/10 MC

Bumping, great guild…very happy to have met these nice people!

Bumping this post with fresh recruitment requirements! Come enquire and join us today! :smiley: