[H] <Unprotected Hex> US 299 11/11M SFO two 3DAY weekday teams & a 3DAY weekend team focused on CE raiding

All times are EST…

Raid Unprotected Hex Hex Slam Hexual Healing
Schedule Mon/Tues/Wed 10:00PM-1:15AM Tues/Wed/Thurs 9:00PM-12AM Fri 1030-1AM /Sat 9:00PM-1AM
Recruiting [Mage, DH, Boomy, Hpal/Ret flex, DK] [Multi Tank, Flex Heals, Mage] [Multi Tank,DK, Ranged dps, Heals]
Sepulcher US 300 US 383 7/10M
Sanctum US 440 9/10M US 613
Nathria US 591 9/10M 8/10M

Unprotected Hex will be adding Thursday to the schedule for 6 weeks at the start of a tier.

Hex slam will be adding Monday to the schedule for 6 weeks at the start of a tier.

Hexual Healing will be turning into a 3 day team in DF. Raiding Fri/Sat 9pm-1am EST & Sun 9pm-12am EST.

Time Optional Raid Nights
Sun 930pm-230am CE Mount farm / heroic boost night
Mon 9pm-12am heroic night
Tues 5pm-8pm heroic boost

Our promise to you

  • Committed leadership to raiding & recruiting.
  • Constructive raid environment focused on killing bosses.
  • Efficiency in boss prep & discussion and log reviews.
  • Raid/M+ consumables, materials, and repairs.
  • Gold boosting m+ runs and raids.

Our Expectations for raiders

  • Consistency in attendance, gameplay & preparation.
  • Putting guild interests before your own in-game.
  • Being accountable, passionate, and a willingness to give or take criticism.
  • High end raiding knowledge & precious mythic raiding experience with the intent of pushing for CE.

We are a large guild with a community feel, we also enjoy doing high end m+ keys together, and multiple raid events for gold sales. We are only interested in players that can commit the rest of the tier with us and plan on raiding mythic in Dragonflight.

Our Raider.io page

Wow Progress

Join our discord to apply & learn more about us

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BUMPED – 3 CE raid teams.