[H] < Unemployed > Relaxed raiding guild LF Heals/DPS for our Core!

< Unemployed > is recruiting.


  • We are a newer raiding guild and our core have been together for 10+ years through several expansions and vanilla. We re-started late into classic (4 months ago) and recently cleared all content. We are looking to add a few quality raiders to our raid team. We are a very relaxed raiding guild, with friendly players and a safe environment.

RAID TIMES & Progression (BWL/MC cleared - Moving into AQ 40 ASAP)

  • Sunday 4:00-8:00 pm server time (Pacific time)

  • Monday 6:00 - 9:00 pm server time

  • ZG / AQ 20 on off-days (optional)

WHAT DO WE NEED? (We are recruiting for IMMEDIATE spots in our core raid team)

  • Healer: Priests / Resto Shamans

  • DPS: Warriors / Shadow Priest (Yes! 1 shadow Priest) / Mages / Rogues

  • However, that being said, we are open to all exceptional and dedicated players regardless of your class.


  • MS > OS mixed with some loot council.


  • We have been raiding 4 months and our 2 tanks both have Thunderfury (we had very lucky RNG over the past 4 months - maybe even a world first of both bindings dropping in a single run over the course of 2 months!!! I don’t know, we were sure shocked!!!).

So this would be great if you’re looking for a new home. Please contact me here for more information or if you’d like to join - I look forward to chatting with you:

Add me via Battletag to chat further: Riceworker#1714
Discord at Hottrollrun#3903
Or in-game on Hottrollrun or Showerdaddy