[H] : Trinity is Recruiting for DF

[Guild: Trinity] is recruiting to expand our Guild / Community.
Servers: Icecrown, Garona, Burning Blade, Lightning’s Blade & Malygos

Raid Days/Times: Wednesday/Thursday 9-12pm CST. - Clearning LFR - Heroic Raid!!

We’re Active in Discord Daily, Adult Based Guild. If you want to come hangout with us to see if we’re the guild for you, hit us up!!! For Those of you that look for what a Guilds recruiting for: Healers > Ranged Dps > Melee Dps . We are **ACTIVELY RECRUITING FOR DRAGONFLIGHT **We want the Player more then the class. Crafters/Gather’s - More them welcome. Casuals/Newer Players are Welcome !!
BJB#0407 - Discord info = Devill
Devill#11943 = Btag