[H] Tribe Gaming - AOTC - LF heals

(Sinades) #1

Interested? Hit us up:

Tribe gaming is a group of working professionals in our 20s-30s focused on Heroic AOTC. We can’t play 40hrs a week any more, but we play hard when online!

Looking to add 1-2 Healers to our crew of 20ish regulars. Particularly interested in Holy Paladin, Disc Priest or Mistweaver to avoid duplication but open to all heals.

If you’re not AOTC now, you’ll get it with us! We’re 8/8 and farming Heroic until the next teir. Raids start at 8:30pm EST.

Willing to raid as DPS but interested in tanking M+? Let’s chat! A few of us roll M+ on off nights and are forming a more regular team.

Returning Player LF Guild
360 Holy Priest LF Active raiding Guild
Returning Player Looking for a home
373 Resto/Boomkin 2/8M Exp
(Bixz) #2

Healers would be very nice. Got some folks who want to DPS but are stuck doing OS heals bc we lost a few to folks getting evening shift jobs. :pensive:

(Sinades) #3

Still interested in picking up 1-2 healers!