[H] [Tichondrius] DH 475 (Tank/DPS) LF Mythic guild

I am looking for a guild to progress in Mythic Nyalotha (as well as M+ keystones). I am currently 12H/12H (content feels too easy which is why I am looking to mythic :smiley:) and 0M/12M. I am able to learn really fast and I am looking to play this game at the top of the competitive ladder. As of today, I would be available mostly friday during the afternoon/night and saturday (I will be more flexible in about a month when summer ends).

Thank you !

Battletag: Perturb#11834
Disc: Salah#2148
Age: 22 (Just to make sure I get invited in an adult guild)
About me: I am just a university student that likes to work, play video games and do combat sports ! :stuck_out_tongue:

Feel free to contact me wherever you want ! :slight_smile: