[H] Three returning players looking for SL casual raiding guild

We are a group of three friends who rerolled on Medivh to raid for SL. Our raiding experience varies from BC up to BfA. Here are the roles we would prefer to play:

  • Disc priest or frost mage. He is our most experienced raider and doesn’t mind raid leading if needed.

  • Demon hunter (tank). He raided in BC and WotLK as a rogue, prot pally and resto shammy.

  • Druid (tank or heals), or warrior (prot or fury). He is undecided as of right now and has a massive alt problem. He raided in BC and WotLK as a bear tank.

We prefer casual raiding with a social focus. We are adults in our 20s and 30s, and would like for the guild to be focused around that age group.

We prefer a max of two days a week, with around 3 hours a session for a raiding schedule. Two of us are CST based (the other is pacific, but can accommodate) and would prefer raid times to be 8pm-11pm CST.

Feel free to contact us on Discord: foobish#1945, optimisticallyjay#6455, armaro#3193 if your guild sounds like a good home for us.

Just curious what made you decide on Medivh?