[H] -Thrall- Resto druid looking for AoTC & M+ guild

What im looking for is a guild that raids either once per week or doesnt require full attendance. I dont look to raid very much especially with my coming work schedule, but would like a shot at some of the raid gear and chance at titan forges.

A little about me: 433 Equipped
Just came back from a break about 2 weeks ago.
2k healer for m+ in season 2 and was 7/9M BoD. I look to mainly just run keys and would have no problem helping/carrying alts, gearing mains or potentially subbing in for a boss fight or two if needed. However, if im not running a key, know that i definitely would like to be so feel free to prod away. If i sound like i could be a potential match for your guild or if you have any questions, feel free to shoot me a message if youre on thrall or add me on Bnet.