[H] [THRALL] <Endless Pastabilities> EST | 2-DAY Weekend Guild | LF Pasta Lovers

THE TLDR; - we’re looking to bolster our raid group once more

Priority Needs:

  • 1 DH

Nice to Have:


General Raid Information:
Server: Thrall
Raid Days: Friday and Saturday
Raid Times: 9:30 PM EST - 12:00 AM EST

The Content
Are you looking for a guild that values community and friendship over just playing the game? Then Endless Pastabilities is the guild for you! Our mission statement is simple: we want to empower our members to create fun and memorable experiences with like-minded people. We believe that at the core we want to build a sense of community that extends beyond the game itself.

As members of Endless Pastabilities, we expect everyone to respect each other’s time and playstyle. Whether that may be you looking to pay gold for AOTC or raiding with other guilds in tandem with our own guild progression, it’s all gucci!

When it comes to raiding, we are not a hardcore or casual guild - we are a PVE guild! We have members of varying skill levels and are constantly working towards building mechanisms to play what we enjoy playing. As a raider, you will be expected to work together with your team and come prepared. Most importantly, we want our members to have a learning and mentorship mentality. You don’t need to be an S-tier raider, but as long as you’re trying, learning, and taking feedback well, that’s all we want.

If you read that wall of text and are interested in joining, reach out to either myself (Star #0985) or Apple (Apple #2957) in discord.

Excited to find new friends to join a community that values friendship, inclusivity, and respect. Let’s create fun and memorable experiences together!

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\o I hope everyone is having a great Saturday Night!

Happy Monday!

you should join but don’t listen to anything star tells you if you do

also remember that it’s always the hunters fault

I believe it is always the troll rogue’s fault. Yes, very specifically troll rogues!

Always blame Star, its usually her fault.

cant blame me im retired

Love you guys too!

Also minor change, we’re good on tanks now! We are looking for a DH and any other DPS interested in joining <3

you should join. there’s an evil australian elf in the raid.

Happy Friday, yall! Still looking for dps or those just interested in joining our community!

she is just looking for more people to bully.

Please ignore the “troll” and \o/ it’s the weekend!

you guys see this? I am being bullied.

imagine all the pastabilities.

Oh man, my mind is BLOWN with all the endless pastabilities! =P

Bumping so I dont get demoted to guildless

anything is … pasta-ble

haha your pasta game is stronk!

Our doors are still open!