(H-Thrall) Clean Slate is looking for Mythic Plus and Heroic Raiders!

Hello Blackrock!

My buddy and I have decided to start our own guild in the hopes of finding like minded players to do Mythic+ dungeons with as well as N/H raiding with and push as far in each tier as we can!

We are normally active in the evenings around 6EST till Midnight-1am EST and later on the weekends!!

We currently need any and all dps! Can you pull your weight as a survival hunter? We don’t care what spec you wish to play as long as you pull your weight!

More than anything we want to make new friends that care about their performance in this hobby we all love and see the content.

Our raid times will be Tuesday and Thursday 9PM EST to 12 AM EST.

If you have any questions please get a hold of me either on battle net or discord

Rasczak#11142 BNET
Rhangzhe - Thrall (H)#6132 on Discord