[H-Thrall] <Casual Encounter>12/12H Tues/Thurs 930pm-1130pm EST LF Exceptional Player for Shadowland!

recruitment needs updated!

Still looking for exceptional player to share in cake and coffee

Recruitment needs updated. Still looking for more dps!

Still looking for dps!!

Recruitment needs update. Looking for dps and a healer!

updated recruitment needs
looking for shadow priest
any other exceptional player, socials and casuals!

Still looking for RDPS classes!!!

Still looking for ranged dps!

LF mage, priest and lock dps. Nzoth awaits!

Recruiting more rdps to join us! Mage, lock, priest!

Looking for more players to join us!
Mage, priest, lock!

we are 11/12!!!
looking for more RDPS to join us!
balance Druid, lock, mage, shadow priest!

Looking for some additional RDPS to round out our 25m roster!

Still looking for more ranged as we approach AOTC in the coming week. Casuals and those looking for a home for SLs also welcome!!

Still looking for ranged!

WE ARE 12/12 HEROIC!!!

congrats everyone
Still recruiting RDPS: Priest, Druid, Lock, Mage!

12/12H! Great job raiders. Still looking for more RDPS!

Still looking for ranged!

Moar ranged. Mages, priests and mages.

Looking for more rdps and exceptional player to join us for shadowland!