[H-Thrall] <Casual Encounter>12/12H Tues/Thurs 930pm-1130pm EST LF Exceptional Player for Shadowland!

Looking for more raiders to join us!!!

7/12H progress in a short time. Still looking for more to join us.

we are still looking for more to join us!!

Have a free bump!

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Recruiting need is updated!
Come join us for raid next week!

I messaged tired to Nezzark on Dis. /sadface

Hi Chas. Try to reach out to us in discord or BNet or leave your contact info here!

10/12H! Still looking for more mdps and rdps!

great job raiding this week! 10/12 heroic now! 2 more to go!
looking for mdps and rdps!

More dps! Let me go back to heals!

Another +1 to our ranks. Still looking for more dps.

Carapace and Nzoth are next. Come join us.

looking for a few more solid dps to join us!

Still looking for more DPS!

Reset day! Come join our raid tonight! Fresh lockout this week!

Continuing the march next week. Still looking for more DPS spots!

Still have spots for a couple dps and 1 non pally tank.

Still dps spots open!!

chest day!

Its raid day, reach out anytime if you are interested. Still looking for more