[H] <The Wolves> recruiting for Shadowlands

Hey all,

Just wanted to gauge any interest in joining a very newly formed guild. By new I mean brand new. I am a veteran wow player from Vanilla and Have played on and off since WoD. I am super excited for Shadowlands and plan on leveling a bunch of alts during the pre-patch.

I created a guild called I would like to grow it enough to do some raid progression in Shadowlands. Raid times will be saturdays around 6 or 7 pm EST and will go until about 11pm-12am at the latest. Of course the length of the raid slot depends on availability.

I currently have this warrior holding the GM seat but he is not my main. My main currently is a 120 Monk (windwalker atm). However I have that guy in another guild for now until i see if there is enough interest in helping grow a brand new guild from the ground up.

The focus of the guild will be to provide a nice friendly atmospher and welcome all new and returning players. We will help guide the new players and help aclimate the returning players back to the game. Our primary objective will be to raid current content (more then likely starting in the Shadowlands)

But I also love PvP so Arena teams and RBGs are not out of the question.

We are horde on the Ysera/Durotan realms and furries are welcome :stuck_out_tongue:

If you have any questions or have any interest (bring your friends!) then please message me in game on Bodak-Ysera or Grimfyre-Durotan … or you can add me on battlenet at Grimfyre#1780.

Thank you and Happy Columbus day/Indigenous Peoples Day!