[H] <The Union> 10/10N & 3/10H - Recruiting Dps

Greetings all

The Union is a Semi-hard core raiding guild founded in 2008. We have a long and proud raiding history focused around AOTC and Mythic content. We took a break after BFA, but have returned to bring the fight to Sylvannas in 9.1.

Our foray into SoD started this week and we are 7/10N and 3/10 heroic after our first two nights in raid. Our intend is to be progressing in heroic full time from next week.

We are active in M+ daily, and will assist in funneling gear in order to help get new members raid ready.

We are missing a couple of key classes in our DPS ranks and would welcome experienced players (returning or current) to fill these roles.

Druid (Boomy / Resto flex)

PM me via Bnet or in game to discuss further

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