[H] "The Torn" is recruiting

Greetings! The Torn is a roleplay guild on Wyrmrest Accord Hordeside where we accept odd characters and outcasts.

Our guild is divided into factions, which is explained in great detail on our website: https://thetornadmin.wixsite.com/thetorn

The main faction and theme of the guild accepts people who seek a family and home, and offers them such. In exchange, your character is expected to contribute and help out, but this doesn’t have to mean battle by any means. You are recruited to the guild in character when you decide what faction within the guild you would like to join. Please keep in mind that we accept things like San’layn, dragons, demons, halflings, and more, if you take proper precaution IC to not be discovered in major cities. We do not accept lorebreaking, so if you do play a Kill on Sight race, please be mindful that you will need to hide your nature in cities.

Please view our website for more information. Some roleplay occurs in our discord, which you are required to join at this point.

Important note about our guild: We are very lenient about those wanting to plotline and be creative. As such, all IC members can create events on the guild calendar and advance plotlines. If you want to run a plotline you came up with, you are perfectly able to do so. If it is guild changing however, you would have to discuss that with the officers. Cheers!

Reply here for inquiry or see our website. You can also add me: DES#12770 is my battletag.

Note: We use Discord to communicate! It’s required :slight_smile:


Hi there!! I’m curious about your guild. My subscription won’t be back for a few more days, so I’m not able to contact you ingame, but my Discord tag is Zoe#1285 if you’d be okay with chatting there?

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Sure thing, I will add you right now. I’ll be on for another two hours and then later tonight as well :slight_smile: You should get a request from “DES”!


We’re still active and now are accepting Vulpera too! Several guildies have already made some.

ALSO ADDITIONAL NOTE: We do roleplay in discord as well! Which means if you’re not able to attend events or have to be away from game, you can still roleplay with us.

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