(H) The Soulshatter Cult is now recruiting!

Introduction: the Soulshatter Cult is now recruiting any bloodthirsty, dedicated soldiers whom do not back down from an outnumbered fight! Here we love to keep numbers low and skill high. We’re mostly a rp-pvp guild but do throw in mythic+ here and there. The Cult is mostly based around being more of a family rather then massive guild, we frankly find it more entertaining and better off if we all get to know each other.

Soulshatter prides themselves on being the more chaos aligned group.

PvP: normally we do rated arenas, random bgs, or wpvp, however when we have the numbers on we’ll get together and run rbgs. As with the rp if you need help, advice, or an upper hand we got your back!

Mythic Keystones: We normally run keys multiple times daily or weekly. If you need help you can start by asking anyone in the guild that enjoys them and they should be able to give you a hand.

TL:DR, the Cult is a small family of rp-pvp warmongers coming to WrA to get more rp due to a lack of it on EmeraldDream. Conquering our enemies by any means necessary is the name of the game. Leave no Cult members behind!

Message me at KingZai#6131 on Discord or KingOfNubz#1532 on battle.net.

You can also message Shadowx, gm, at Shadow#2460 for Discord or #Shadowvanish#1222 on battle.net


But are you -actually- a cult?

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Always interesting to see different cults and what they follow! Do you follow a loa of war, or something else?

Yes we are! We intend on doing guild events, and will have an interesting ranking system involving rppvp

The ladder.

Bump! Still seeking new recruits! :slight_smile:

Bump :smiley:

Hey Man! Are ya still recruiting?
I’ve recently started in the RP world, and your cult seens a real deal to an Warlock who needs guidance.
Despite being new to WoW RP, I’m experienced in tabletop rpg (D&D, world of darkness), do voice acting and also lmao at shietposting.
I’ll send something to ya on Battlenet.

Emerald Dream? Hmmm. Emerald Dream? Warsong Battalion? Hmmm. Those two things are just legends. No actual hard proof they exist. Kind of like Bigfoot.