[H] <The Quest for Things> AOTC & M+ Key Focus. Looking to Build Roster DF Season 2


We are The Quest for Things, a new cross-faction content/social guild recruiting new players and returning veterans to build our roster for DF Season 2. We are interested in players who can positively contribute to the overall success of the guild. Our mission is to build an environment of dedicated, friendly, and motivated players who enjoy playing the game.

Throughout the season our goal is AOTC and M+ keys. Once on farm, we will focus on other areas of the game such as achievements (Glory of the Raider, etc.), events, mount farming, and/or any other activates our members are interested in.

What we need:
All specs. Classes listed below are preferred, but classes all are welcome.
- [Off] Tank
○ Paladin
○ Rogue
○ Warlock
○ Mage
○ Priest
- Heals
○ Druid
○ Evoker

What we offer:
- Discord (vocal communication required for raiding & keys)
- Guild repairs
- Feasts provided for raiding and M+ keys (other consumables TBD)

What we expect from our members:
- Guild success over personal gain
- Consistency (attendance, preparation/properly geared for AOTC and M+ keys, keep up with game updates, etc.)
- Be positive, open minded, open to change, and willing to learn

- Tuesday, Thursday & Friday 5PM - 7:30PM PST (Server)

M+ Keys:
- Time TBD

Contact for further info:
Battle Tag - Skapeghoat#1276 Recruiter
- Metaldoll#11666 GM

We appreciate your time!
Happy gaming,

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