[h] <the flying hellfish> 6/12 LF 1 DPS

One of the longest lasting horde guilds on Kil’jaeden, The Flying Hellfish is opening recruitment for competent players for Mythic Ny’alotha. We’re a laid back guild, only raiding 2 nights, 7 hours a week.

Raid times: Tuesday + Wednesday 7:30pm - 11:00pm PST

We’re currently looking for 1 DPS. Having similar progress/experience is preferred, but not required.

If interested, please fill out the application below:


In-Game | Btag | Discord **

Theo | Theo#1181 | Theo#2455
Krause | Krause#1678 | Krause#5880

5/8 Orgoza down.

Mythic Orgozoa down! Come join us as we start on Queen’s Court! :slight_smile:

Come join us, friends (or yet to be friends)

Still looking for a warlock or boomkin!

7/8 looking for people :slight_smile:

Need more DPS friends! :slight_smile: Looking for:

  • Monk
  • Warrior
  • Boomie
  • Warlock

any use for a 3/8 m fire mage happy to sit on the bench while I improve before next tier

Need DPS for current and next tier!