[H] The Excellent Adventure(11/12H) is LFM for Heroic Raiding!

Hello Zul’jin!

The Excellent Adventure is a raiding guild focused on achieving AOTC each tier. Our goal is to have a fun, light-hearted community that still gets things done. We raid Tue/Wed 8p-11p Eastern. We typically form up about 15 minutes prior to that. We also tend to run quite a few keys during the week, especially the weekend. If you’re just looking to bust out some M+ feel free to reach out as well!

We are currently 11/12H this tier.

Currently our raid roster needs more of the following:


We are however accepting anyone looking for a solid home for heroic raiding and M+ alike. As we continue to grow we will be reintroducing some of the guild events we hosted previously, things like: Transmog Competitions, Scavenger Hunters, Foot Races and more.

If you’d like to find out more feel free to reach out to any of the following:

Zorn (bnet: Zorn#1806 | Discord: Zorn#6980)
Ebonfrost (bnet: Gauntlet#1976 | Discord: Gauntlet#0359)

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Another consistent healer or two would really help us out!

The raid times look great for me!

I’m maining my shadow priest now after playing my DH, Schinz, since legion.

I’ve been playing since late Vanilla and am looking for an AoTC guild to call home for 8.3 and Shadowlands! I love the raid scene and am looking for a guild to do that with. M+ is a blast for me as well.

Looking forward to it!

Eyy, Pinz. Thanks for reaching out!

We have a few more spots open as well!

Still looking for more members to add to the family xD
Don’t be shy, we don’t all bite…

Could use some more solid raiders, come check us out!

very Morpheus voice what if I told you that there’s a guild where you can progress with friendly people and have good times on Discord? what if you were a DPS that needed a raid group for AOTC?

6/12H! Come join in :slight_smile: