[H] <The Eternal Fire> (12/12N, 12/12H Ny'alotha) is a 2-day Semi-Hardcore Group Looking for DPS to Round Out the Team

About Us

We’ve been raiding together since December 2015. We have achieved AOTC with all raids since Hellfire Citadel. Besides progression raiding, we encourage raiders to band together for high Mythic+ keys, raid and dungeon achievement runs, and social activities like alt runs and events.

Raid Times (PST):

Progression: Wednesday/Thursday, 6:00 PM - 8:30 PM PST (9:00 PM - 11:30 PM EST) [5 minute break]
Occasionally other guild activities like killing the first mythic boss or getting a group together to do a heroic warfront will be done an hour before the official start of the raid - this is optional for those who would like to participate.

Alt./Fun Normal Run: Saturday, 6:00 PM - to clear


Priority Class
High Warlock

Attendance for tanks is expected to be near perfect. Other roles are expected to maintain 80% attendance at a minimum.

If you do not see your class listed, please contact us anyway! We would love to talk to you.

If your raiding experience is limited, but you are an exceptional and competent player, we will help you gear! We’re in it for the long haul. Our longtime raider retention is high, and we encourage friendships and camaraderie among members.

We value our time and make every attempt possible to ensure our in game time is spent wisely. Our guild consists of players who do not want to commit to the time-intensive raid schedules of "hardcore” guilds. We are not pushing for realm firsts but we do strive to get the most done while the content is current. Goals are to complete all Heroic raids and do the relevant raid achievements. We may look at some Mythic raid fights, but normally we opt to stick to just clearing Heroic.

What we expect from you:

  • We expect that you consistently work on playing your spec (or specs) better to be able to perform well during raid. This includes researching your class on a consistent basis to learn best talent combinations for bosses, best trinkets, and ways to min/max your DPS, HPS, and survivability on specific bosses. We expect you to have DBM or BigWigs, some sort of DPS/HPS meter and Exorsus Raid Tools installed as well.

  • You are expected to come to raid when we have raid, on time, and be dependable. Lack of attendance or punctuality will lead to losing your spot on the team.

  • Focus on raid when it comes time to buckle down.

  • Help others and keep our guild community friendly and helpful. No elitist ideology towards anyone in our guild as it is not helpful. Be kind!

  • Check logs for things to improve on.

  • Be in Discord and be able to speak to call things out when they happen, etc.

That’s about it! We hope to hear from you!

~ Bitu

Recruitment Officer

Battle net: JJSwat#1342 | Discord: jjswat#6708

Rinora (Guild Master) - Rinora#1734 (Bnet)

Lindele (Officer) - Lindele#0001(Discord)

Bitu (Officer) - JJSwat#1342 (Bnet)

Bump, come join us!

What do you get when you cross a mechagnome with a lobster?

And more worldly mysteries solved by joining The Eternal Fire…

Come explore Ny’alotha with us!

Immediate healing spot available. Come raid with us!

For the Horde!

Making great progress in Ny’alotha. Come be a part of it!

Openings available!

Bump, bump~ We want a couple more friends to finish up this tier and prepare for Shadowlands together! We’ll likely be clearing in one night soon, so more time for M+, achievements, and other tomfoolery.