[H] <The Defiance> 9/9 H Amir building our raid and m+ teams!

If you’re an adult who wants a relaxed, friendly, collaborative raiding experience - but wants to push into mythic raiding - The Defiance the perfect community for you! We’re looking for a few more folks to join our raid and m+ teams.

Current openings:

  • 1 healer, evoker, mistweaver or druid

  • 2 dps, any class - priority to rogue, mage or warlock

Even if you aren’t interesting in raiding, we’re always looking to grow our community of Mythic+ and casual players as well!

Raid Schedule:
Thursday/Sunday, 6:30PT/8:30CT, going until roughly 9:00PT/11:00CT

Key Schedule:
Wednesday/Friday, ~6:30PT/8:30CT, going until roughly 9:00PT/11:00CT
Push groups on Wednesday, catch-up/mid-level keys on Friday.


*There’s nothing more rewarding than banding together as a team to learn fights and progress through content.

  • Building a healthy, positive community is important to us. We want players who take a relaxed, fun approach to the game - but also put in the time and effort to help the guild as a whole achieve common goals. If you’re a busy adult who can’t devote HOURS and HOURS to the game, but still takes pride in your parses, you’ll fit in great here!
  • We have a zero tolerance policy for rude, bigoted or toxic behavior and we’ve never had any serious drama.

If you are interested in The Defiance, or if you have any questions about the above, please add Tim#1765 as a friend in game or message Adversarial on Discord, and we’ll be happy to answer your questions. See you on the Dragon Isles!

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Your search is over … join us!

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I’ve been playing wow since Vanilla. Been part of many guilds/communities. Lead guilds, I have lead raids.

The Defiance is hands down the best atmosphere I’ve personally been a part of. We are relaxed enough for those just looking to hang and just hardcore enough for those wanting to push raid content/Mythic +.

There are people here willing and happy to help. Leadership is also strong enough to have hard conversations with people that are not a good fit or unwilling to improve when it comes to pushing content.

The Defiance is a great group of people that enjoy playing the game and being around each other.


Post above is updated to reflect our openings!

If you are a gamer who likes a chill atmosphere - look no further! The Defiance is the only reason I still play WoW and hope more like minded folks join us!


Hi! I’m Catsdelicacy! :wave:

I sent a couple of requests through, your description of the guild and the testimonials here are really attractive to me, you really sound like a great bunch of people and I’d like to chat about joining up!

I’m a returning player who has been on and off since Vanilla though more off than on in recent years. I’ve come back to the game, though, and I’m having a great time! I’m looking for a friendly, mature environment for working people who want to have some fun!

Feel free to message with any further questions!



Made updates for the new raid tier!

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LFM for raid and m+!

If I join I have terms.

  1. I will lead my own raid team with people I choose.
  2. My team raids only on the weekends.
  3. Management has no say in who I include or exclude in my team.

If you can guarantee that then you got yourself an experienced raid lead.

Bumping up

Hey, I am looking for a raiding guild
I play Feral Druid. I do play healer OFF SPEC- I really just want a home in a some what active guild and push content :slight_smile:
I did switch mains cause im tired of always healing :stuck_out_tongue:

  • have any questions please add me
    Discord : anxiousxo
    Btag : bloom#13911

@Anxious I sent you a discord friend request

Also bumping this up

Updated with our current openings!