[H] <The Darkwolf Marauding> 3/8M 8/8H Recruiting all players for 8.3!

Hello! I’m Fezz, the Guild and Raid Leader of The Darkwolf Marauding . We are a social and raiding guild that has been together for over 9 years. Main Raids nights are Wednesday and Thursday, 8-11pm EST. Currently 3/8M 8/8H Eternal Palace.

Over the course of BFA we have grown from being just a guild on Garrosh, to a cross server community running content under our Darkwolf banner. While the rest of this post is primarily about raiding, players seeking a social space to call home while they enjoy Warcraft, Blizzard, and other games should reply or contact me!

I am looking for raiders who are ready to join the progression group (logs are a bonus), but players of all experience levels are welcome to learn. Currently the progression group can use more DPS players, and healer/DPS hybrids to back up the other healers when they can not be around. Tank backups are also welcome.

We help guild members to see as much content as they are able without holding back the current progression. Anyone that doesn’t make the cut for a boss one week (due to gear, experience, etc) gets a chance the next to continue learning a boss. The core group of regular raiders improve on boss progression week to week.

All interested players can contact me at:
Battlenet Fezz#1430
Discord Fezz#0145

Update, we are now 8/8 Eternal Palace Normal and 2/8 Heroic!!

Hit us up any time, even if you don’t raid and just want to hang out.
The more the merrier :stuck_out_tongue:

Battlenet Necro#1537

We go for AotC this week! Plus Classic shenanigans on Monday! For the Horde!

Working on some light mythic TEP prog before 8.3 drops

Battlenet Ilyamurometz#1807

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Just took down Mythic Radiance of Azshara last night, after taking down Sivara and Behemoth smoothly. Great jobs to all the guildies and friends!

Been raiding with Darkwolf on and off since Cataclysm. I quit in the middle of about every expansion, and they take me back for every new one. Wouldn’t raid with anyone else…This is my WoW family!


I joined up with The Darkwolf Marauding in May 2020 after a long hiatus from WoW when I was looking for a semi-hardcore guild to see some endgame content. Despite being on a low pop server, the guild has multiple coordinated raids/events per week and everyone has been super helpful! Within just a few weeks, I was able to gear up with many of the guildies through Mythic Plus, Heroic Darkshore, and Heroic Nyalotha. Shortly thereafter, I was able to contribute to the progression raid in Mythic Nyalotha. Thus far, we are 4/12M and continuing to progress and do other fun events prior to Shadowlands! I would love to see some new names in-game and for our raids/events! For the Horde!