[H] <The Darkwolf Marauding> 2/2N 1/9M LF RDPS and Heals

Hello! I’m Fezz, the Guild and Raid Leader of The Darkwolf Marauding. We are a social and raiding guild that has been together for over 8 years. Main Raids nights are Wednesday and Thursday, 8-11pm EST. Currently 2/2 Normal Crucible of Storms and 9/9 Heroic, 1/9 Mythic Dazar’alor.

I am primarily looking for raiders who can have an immediate impact on the groups (logs are a bonus), but raiders of all experience levels are welcome. Currently the progression group can use more ranged DPS players, and healer/DPS hybrids to back up the other healers when they can not be around. Melee DPS are welcome to join the guild, and will be added to the raid group as we recruit more ranged players.

We help guild members to see as much content as they are able without holding back the current progression. Anyone that doesn’t make the cut for a boss one week (due to gear, experience, etc) gets a chance the next to continue learning a boss. The core group of regular raiders improve on boss progression week to week.

Outside of raid nights, we also run Mythic+ keys each week, and have dedicated biweekly nights for Alt/Achievement runs and PvP groups.

All interested players can contact me at:
Battlenet Fezz#1430
Discord Fezz#0145

Hit us up anytime

Progression continues as we count down to the Rise of Azshara!