[H] <The Continental> Recruiting Healer and DPS

We are looking to recruit for our core team of raiders to join our mature and chill guild. We recently started phase 2 progression and is 7/10. We are looking for classes to fill out our roster of like-minded people. Currently seeking the following classes with high priority:

  • 1 x Warlock,
  • 1 x Hunter,
  • 2 x Paladin (Ret and Holy),
  • 2 x Shaman (Res/Ele),
  • 1 x Priest (Shadow)

Raid times are Wed/Thurs 7:30 to 10:30pm server time. We are more on the chill/casual side at the moment but want to clear content and move towards a more semi-hardcore raid environment when we consolidate our 25-man roster. Loot is distributed via SR>MS and loot council for teirs.

Feel free to shoot me a PM for any further information required.

Discord contact: